We are a global team of engineers, designers, operators, and more. We are dedicated to providing a great work and spatial experience for our clients and are looking for those who will join us.

Minimum qualifications
  • 3+ years of relevant work experience
  • Excellent budget and schedule management skills
  • Good communication and collaboration skills
  • Problem-solving experience with creative ideas
Preferred skills
  • Bachelor’s or master's degree in the relevant field
  • Experience working in a shared office
Recruitment process

1. Screening
Your resume or portfolio will be reviewed by our team.
Portfolio submission is mandatory for our designer jobs.

2. First interview

The initial interview will be conducted over the phone.

3. Final interview

The final in-person interview will be conducted with our leadership. You may go through a reference check if necessary.

4. Offer
Once you've gone through the entire procedure, you will be notified through our HR with a final offer.

Currently Hiring
 Space Designer   *Portfolio required.




2~7 years


23. 12. 31

 Data Engineer




5~10 years


23. 12. 31

주식회사 모노플로우    T. 02-6956-8056     E.

본사  전라북도 덕진구 기린대로 886, 303호(미래기술혁신센터)  

연구소  서울특별시 서초구 반포대로 106, 2층(태홍빌딩) 

대표자  이기문     사업자등록번호  555-88-02700     통신판매업번호  2023-전주덕진-0858